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Delivering Unified Network Security

Deliver a unified security service for the mass market and SMB at home, at work and on the go, with Allot Secure. The only platform that unifies security services for mobile, fixed and 5G converged networks.

With increased adoption of mobile IoT and smart devices in the home and office, the attack surface has become significantly larger and continues to grow. Vulnerable IoT are regularly mentioned in the media creating awareness and concern about online threats and digital security. Small businesses and residential customers have neither the time nor the skills to deal with the complexities of security and security point products. They want someone else to do it for them.

Network-Based Security

Security is moving to a network-based model, whether in the home or as a service. Communication Service Providers are in a prime position to take advantage of this transition and deliver IoT security to mobile; 4G and 5G devices, smart appliances and consoles in the home, connected devices in the business network, and end-user devices such as smartphones and laptops.

Allot Secure unifies core-network based security with endpoint and CPE-based security for you to deliver branded, security services to the mass market that features a seamless customer experience for all three security layers. By taking the security as a service (SECaaS) approach with Allot Secure, you can provide significantly greater value to your customers than traditional security point products.

Our Network Security Solutions

The Allot Secure platform unifies CSP and customer management for the Allot Secure products:

  • BusinessSecure: Simple & reliable network security for SMBs and enterprises. Unmatched security and visibility into the business network.
  • EndpointSecure: An extension of NetworkSecure, for securing your customers off-net with a seamless customer experience.
  • NetworkSecure: For securing web services and applying parental control across all network-connected devices.
  • DNS Secure: A network-based security solution, primarily for fixed broadband networks, providing threat protection and parental control functions for the consumer and SMB markets.
  • IoTSecure: For securing your enterprise customers’ mobile IoT deployments.
  • DDoS Secure: For protecting carrier networks against tera-bit scale DDoS attacks.

Allot Secure products enable you to deliver the following services:

Content Filtering
Allot’s global database of web categories enable consumer parental control and businesses to enforce acceptable-use policies. Content inspection is based on HTTP/S header inspection and does not rely on DNS, preventing the end-user from bypassing control by tunneling encrypted DNS requests to a 3rd party such as Google or Cloudflare.

Web Security
Up-to-date threat intelligence and in-line anti-virus scanning protects users from malware such as crypto jacking, ransomware, and banking-trojans and devices from IoT specific attacks such as Mirai and its variants.

Protect your customers from falling victim to online scams that direct users to malicious websites that mimic legitimate ones in order to steal online credentials and/or infect the user’s device with malware.

Blocks bot “command and control” callback requests in-line, based on up-to-date threat intelligence, rendering bot infected endpoints dormant. This is effective for both IoT devices and endpoint devices since most bots avoid the use of DNS.

Blocks popup ads, animated gifs, and banners for a safer and nuisance free experience.

IoT Security
In addition to network based anti-malware and web security, Allot Secure introduces carrier scale access control to block unsolicited communications that significantly impact IoT group data plans. Additionally, machine learning, and AI are used to baseline device behavior, detect anomalies, and contain suspect devices, preventing malware from spreading and still providing connectivity for remote diagnosis.

DDoS Mitigation
Protect carrier infrastructure and customer networks from attacks that originate from external networks and from the access network. In-line, bi-directional mitigation coupled with DPI based Traffic Management enable accurate detection and mitigation, preemptive policies to protect critical network services, and detailed analytics for in-depth attack forensics.


Allot Secure: Cybersecurity Protection for the Mass Market


Allot Secure: Cybersecurity for the Mass Market

Additional Products

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Increase IoT service revenue and improve operational efficiency with network-based IoT security for all types of mobile IoT business services.
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